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We all have many experiences in our lives that would make great stories.  Sometimes things go horribly wrong; those times can make the best stories—after one gets out of whatever predicament one has gotten into.  Sometimes things go right, but the adventure is worth sharing.  Other times it is more a moment of inspiration that the writer can use to evolve an adventure into a fictional tale.


The stories on this website span this range.  I have been writing ski mountaineering, trail running and backpacking adventure stories for many years.  Some drafts have languished in a file box since before I even had a home computer.  Some are old stories I am just writing down for the first time, while others still are completely new. 


I am steadily putting up all these stories and I am still out having adventures with an eye toward translating them into new stories.  Hopefully not of adventures gone awry, though that happens more than any of us want to admit, but of adventures and people I can bring to life.


Most of my stories are short.  They take minutes to read, and I would like to think that they will provide a few moments of excitement or enjoyment—depending on the story—as you go about your day.


I have also included my training blog.  I have been runner all my life, but as this blog discusses, I have been slowing down to the point that I either have to change my approach to training or I have to scale back my desires.  I am trying the former.  This blog covers my experiences in my new training regime.


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